The Distributor Receivables Funding Program is a built-to-suit solution for enterprise clients and offers a scalable, efficient and flexible model to monetize distributor receivables, while dealers and distributors may opt to extend credit periods

Key Program Features

A digital, funding-enabled platform which integrates seamlessly with client systems

Option for distributors to extend payment terms as clients shorten their receivables cycles

Maximized coverage of
dealers and distributors

Option to structure
funding off-balance sheet

How It Works


Distributor Receivables Funding Program Creates ‘Win-Win’ Outcomes For Stakeholders

Enterprise Clients
  • Align receivables cycles with payables timeframes
  • Potential to structure solution as an off-balance form of funding
  • Maximized coverage of dealer and distributor network
  • Credit enhancement options available for distribution network improve sales performance
  • Improves quality and economics of relationships with distribution networks
  • Flexibility to customize and choose credit periods, thereby improving cash flow management
  • Enhances purchasing power