Challenges experienced by enterprise buyers and suppliers

  • Balancing priorities of maintaining days payable with strengthening supplier relationships
  • Addressing persistent follow-ups from suppliers for invoice payments
  • Negotiating cash discounts for early payments bilaterally with each individual supplier
  • Early payments to suppliers can exert pressure on working capital 
  • Mismatched receivables and payables cycles
  • Long receivables cycles exert pressure on a supplier’s ability to meet financial commitments
  • Pressure on funding limits a supplier’s ability to pursue business growth
  • Traditional lending burdens a business with debt and can fall short of business requirements due to credit quality limitations
  • Traditional lending may require collateral, guarantees and incurrence of fixed costs
  • Reliance on informal lending sources can prove to be prohibitively expensive
  • To manage liquidity, suppliers rely on early payments in an ad hoc manner in the absence of an organized program

Our Platform Explained

The Early Payment Program for Suppliers is offered on a digital marketplace anchored around each enterprise client

The marketplace is accessible to the client’s suppliers and participating financial institutions

Clients seamlessly upload approved invoices onto the CredAble platform and suppliers participate by requesting early payment of listed invoices

For each invoice, suppliers choose a date of payment and specify a flat percentage discount in exchange for the early payment

When an early payment request is accepted by a participating enterprise client, the CredAble platform facilitates the early payment on the selected date into the supplier’s account

How It Works


The Early Payment Program creates ‘win-win’ outcomes for stakeholders

  • Stronger trade relationships with suppliers
  • Flexibility to maintain or extend days payable while suppliers receive early payments
  • Marketplace dynamic of the program leads to ‘best rate’ discovery on trade discounts and financier rates
  • Built for scale – Platform is built to engage with suppliers on a large scale
  • Digital documentation, record keeping and reconciliation with ERPs
  • All suppliers are eligible to participate
  • Suppliers grow their businesses without borrowing
  • Suppliers specify trade discounts that are appropriate for their business and commensurate with payment acceleration being requested
  • No hidden costs other than the trade discount
  • Account registration is free, simple and quick - Funding is then always a few clicks away
  • Greater transparency and payment discipline on approved invoices
  • World-class customer support
  • Access to blue-chip ‘new-to-bank’ enterprise clients
  • Efficient technology platform to pursue largescale trade finance opportunities with existing and new clients
  • Cross-sell opportunities across product lines