CredAble Early Payment Program for Cloudtail – Amazon suppliers by CredAble

Cloudtail has partnered with CredAble™ to facilitate early payment of approved supplier invoices.

The early payment program facilitates early payment of your approved
invoices and accepted purchase orders raised on Amazon in exchange for a
small bill discount. It will enhance your cash flows to invest further on
your business.

Our Team will get in touch with you soon

Our Team will get in touch with you soon

Bill / Invoice Discounting, Receivables Financing, early payment for businesses by Credable

How It Works?

  1. An Amazon supplier can register through an easy on-boarding process
  2. Cloudtail – Amazon will share all the approved invoices and accepted purchase orders on the CredAble platform.
  3. On request, supplier will receive early payment in the designated bank account in the next working day

Benefits of the Early Payments Program by CredAble

Debt Free
Working Capital

All suppliers are eligible to participate and grow their businesses without borrowing

Ease Of Registration

Account registration is free, simple and quick. CredAble’s relationship managers will assist suppliers through the process

Multiple solutions for more liquidity

We cover multiple non-traditional debt financing options such as Invoice Discounting, Bill Discounting, Purchase Order Financing, Just-in-time Financing, GRN Financing and Milestone based Financing.

No Hidden Costs

Suppliers access working capital at fair discounting rates without any hidden costs

Complete Transparency

The platform provides complete data transparency to suppliers with regards to invoice and payment related data