CredAble CEO brought things from work to home office as they reminded him of comfort zone, team-mates

Nirav Choksi, Co-Founder & CEO, CredAble, works from his home office that is approximately 500 sq. ft. in size on the terrace of his Mumbai house in King’s Circle.

“It has an oak room feel, with furniture make of dark oak wood with two black lazy-boys for the den. The workspace is an Italian marble long table with seating for two,” he says.

Observing the consequences and impact of COVID-19, CredAble begun work from home well in advance.

“I was thus working from my home office when the lock-down was announced. I already had a fully functional home office before the lock-down. I just ensured that I brought in my additional screens, Bluetooth mouse, keyboard and other peripherals. I also upgraded my work chair,” he says.

Gadget choice

“Since work from home was indefinite, it was very important to have an even comfortable seating than earlier where it wouldn’t be an issue to be seated for hours working in the day. That being so, I switched to a relaxing and tranquil chair,” he says.

Take home

“I brought some of the paintings and artifacts and team pictures that I had in my office to my home office and some of the books that were on my bookshelf. They remind me of my work comfort zone and my team-mates,” he shares.

Expensive buy

“I don’t really have anything expensive as such other than my single malt and wine collection. I was gifted a limited edition tequila for my birthday during the lock-down to add to my collection,” he says.

Next purchase

“My home office is very comfortable as it is now. There is nothing in my opinion that is really needed at the moment for the space,” he says.

Time spent

“I spend about eight-10 hours at my home office and my family is more than welcome to come in. There are two work spaces which are often shared by my wife or dad,” he says.

Hobby high

“I re-kindled my hobby and passion for cooking during the lock-down. I did get some dining furniture and a clay oven setup in my terrace overlooking the den during the lock-down. The setup allows me to be enthusiastically work and look forward to the time I can spend cooking for my family,” he says.

Celebrity invitee

‘I would love to have Warren Buffet over. I have been a great admirer of his business, investment, people and life philosophy and it would be a dream come true to share a cherry coke and steak with him in my den,” he ends.

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