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Digital KYC and Onboarding

Onboard your business clients in minutes with a paperless, digital, and fully automated onboarding process.

Embedded Finance

Our platform is designed to unlock financing opportunities in partnership with external platforms and ecosystems.

Anchor Led Supply Chain Finance Platform

Tap into large-scale working capital opportunities with a post-invoice early payment program built for vendors of enterprise clients.

Vendor-Led Supply Chain Finance Platform

Unlocking capital for vendors of all sizes with a platform-based post-invoice financing program.

Receivables Financing Platform for BaaS

Leverage a built-to-suit receivables financing platform for enterprises and enable them to align their receivables cycles with payables timeframes.

Loan Management System

Experience a seamless next-gen loan management system focused on working capital, built to meet the growing needs of banks and NBFCs with the flexibility to add a layer or replace existing LMS; to support the flexible and timely launch of new products.

Pre-Shipment Financing

Ensure liquidity for vendors of large enterprise clients with CredAble’s pre-shipment vendor financing solution based on the occurrence of ‘billable’ events.

Deep-Tier Supply Chain Financing

Tap into new revenue streams and expand your enterprise client proposition by providing timely funding to the nth vendor.
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