Working Capital Playbook - Logistics

A complete guide to supply chain financing in the Logistics Industry



    This study provides insights on the Indian logistics sector, shedding light on the prevailing working capital conditions and the challenges faced by industry players.

    Discover how CredAble’s suite of supply chain financing products offers strategic solutions to address these working capital hurdles, revolutionizing the way logistics firms manage their cash flow and optimize their operations.

    Key Highlights

    1. Understanding the distinctions of supply chain financing within the logistics industry.
    2. Statistical overview of working capital in the logistics industry.
    3. Highlighting the Working Capital Sinkholes in the logistics business.
    4. Exploring innovative fintech solutions to address supply chain finance challenges.
    5. Insights on how working capital solutions can help with operational efficiency, risk mitigation, technology adoption, improvement in cashflows and reduced dependency on equity.
    6. Real-world case studies illustrating successful working capital management strategies.

    How we helped our client fill their working capital gap

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    CreaAble has been a vital partner in our success story over the last 4 years. Their post-shipment invoice discounting solution has been a game-changer, by helping us to manage working capital seamlessly. Their team is extremely supportive because of which we’ve confidently taken on large contracts, closed more sales, and expanded our customer base. CredAble’s flexible working capital solutions have helped us overcome cash flow challenges and maintains a competitive edge in the industry.

    Renuka Aradhya N

    Managing Director, Pravasi Cabs Pvt Ltd

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