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What is e Purchase Order Discounting? All you need to know.

Published on 28 Nov, 2023
Author CredAble Team

What is a Purchase Order (PO)?

A purchase order is a legal document which is created when a buyer confirms their purchase of a product or service from a supplier. The purchase order created contains information such as the quantity and the type of the product or service the buyer wants to purchase. This document serves as confirmation about the products the buyer wanted to purchase and as an agreement that the consumer will pay the supplier for the product or service (as per the payment agreement). Purchase orders help with keeping track of incoming orders, avoiding duplicate orders and serve as a legal document with respect to the transaction taking place. Suppliers often use purchase orders to keep a record of their inventory on hand and to manage it.

What is Purchase Order Financing?

A shortage of working capital and a gap in the credit cycle are some of the major challenges faced by small businesses. Purchase order financing or PO financing is a solution for small businesses to meet their funding requirements. Typically, the financing party funds the purchase of a product or service on behalf of the customer. Usually, companies in their growth stage with limited access to funds and cash flow consider PO financing as a viable source of funding. Distributors, retailers, outsourcing businesses, resellers, wholesalers, businesses with heavily fluctuating sales patterns and businesses low on working capital or liquidity, are generally the companies who turn to PO financing to gain access to working capital.

What is Electronic Purchase Order Discounting (e-PO)?

Electronic Purchase Order (e-PO) discounting is the process which leverages technology to streamline and expedite purchasing and procurement processes. e-POs encapsulates every document digitally, such as item descriptions, quantities, prices, and shipping particulars. This approach uses electronic systems and financial services to increase efficiency and optimize cash flow for businesses.

An electronic purchase order (e-PO) is very similar to a traditional purchase order; however, the data is recorded digitally instead of on paper. The electronic system creates a digital purchase order which outlines the line items in the order such as, price and quantity, delivery instructions, and terms and conditions.

How does e-PO work?

Through electronic purchase order discounting one can create purchase orders, set up automatic approval routing, and supplier delivery. The supplier gets easy access to an online supplier portal to access the purchase orders and to convert the purchase orders to invoices. The process is much faster and simpler since there is no paperwork involved in the process. The entire process is automated, so there is no chance for lost invoices or data entry errors which could lead to incomplete or delayed payments. Using this system, suppliers receive faster payments while buyers can take advantage of discounts.

How did digitalization enhance the Purchase Order process?

This process can have several potential impacts on the financial landscape:

Efficiency and Speed: Electronic purchase order discounting can streamline the entire discounting process, making it faster and more efficient. This can lead to quicker access to funds for businesses, improving cash flow and liquidity.

Reduced Paperwork: The shift from manual to electronic processes can significantly reduce paperwork and administrative burdens. This can lead to cost savings for both businesses and financial institutions involved in the discounting process.

Increased Access to Finance: Easier access to financing through electronic purchase order discounting may benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that traditionally face challenges in obtaining credit. This can contribute to the overall growth of the business sector.

Risk Management: Electronic systems may offer enhanced risk assessment tools, helping financial institutions assess the creditworthiness of businesses more accurately. This can contribute to better risk management practices in the financial industry.

Market Dynamics: The adoption of electronic purchase order discounting can influence market dynamics by changing the way businesses manage their working capital. This, in turn, can affect competition, pricing strategies, and overall market behavior.

Technology Adoption: The implementation of electronic purchase order discounting reflects a broader trend of technology adoption in the financial sector. This shift can have ripple effects on various financial services and products, influencing the overall digital transformation of the financial industry.

In conclusion, electronic purchase order financing brings together the efficiency of digital processes with the financial support required by businesses to carry out their operations. E-PO financing accelerates the entire supply chain and fosters a more secure financial landscape. Small businesses are learning to leverage this technology to their benefit and create a sustainable foundation for growth. Using this technology, businesses are driving innovation, enhancing collaboration, and propelling businesses into a space where financial transactions are seamlessly aligning with technological advancements.

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