Just in Time Financing

Just in time financing is replacing traditional trade finance methods like Letter of Credit

The explosion of just in time manufacturing and just in time inventory is spurring the emergence of another revolution in commerce: just in time (JIT) financing.

As the rest of the business world improved and grew with high-tech logistics and tighter supply chains, trade finance — the boring, backroom backbone of global trade has remained mostly unevolved. Even in today’s technologically advanced business world, buyers and sellers predominantly settle their payments by a centuries-old paper-heavy method called the Letter of Credit.

The Letter of Credit process, which requires the banks of the buyer and seller to coordinate with one another and exchange documents, often overseas, can take as much as two weeks – an arduous long time for cash-strapped companies operating on thin margins.

Recently, companies have begun investing in new Internet-based platforms that instantly link buyers and sellers and sometimes relegate banks to the side-lines. Some of these companies sprouted in the late 1990s when online procurement plans were first getting some traction. However, it is only in the past two years that these systems have gained significant traction in the business space.

At CredAble, we are proud to claim that we are the first player in the FinTech space to offer Just in Time financing. So why do you need JIT financing? How does it work? Moreover, what are its benefits? Let’s find out!


At CredAble, our vision for this entire endeavor is simple – Unlock Capital. Just in Time.

Our Just in Time Financing service allows all our clients to receive funding in real-time, even prior to the invoicing process, on the basis of their agreed delivery milestones earlier. This significantly helps bridge the existing gaps between payment obligations and supplier receivables. Our services can help save a lot of resources because of the short response time and elimination of middlemen from the process. 

Here are some compelling points that make a strong case for pre-invoice funding:

  • Lengthy receivables cycles from clients in the traditional Letter of Credit method.
  • Mismatched receivable and payable time frames result in extended cash-to-cash cycles for the supplier.
  • Payments to ‘sub-vendors’ usually need to be made upfront and exert pressure on working capital.
  • Less process fatigue from application requirements and limited access to traditional lending.

Just in Time Financing can make your financial supply chain work faster, which, in turn, allows your physical supply chain to move faster, too.


Our JIT Financing service works in three simple steps:

Vendor Assessment

At CredAble, we implement a robust appraisal process to evaluate credit quality based on the assessment of the client.

Funding Milestone

Funding milestones and payment frequency can be customized to suit a supplier’s requirements, based on performance. 

Payment on Demand

The process is applicable for all businesses ranging from large corporates to small businesses. Once approved, payments can be tuned according to preferences.

With funding milestones, payment frequency can be customized to suit the supplier’s requirements. Payment frequencies could be daily, weekly or monthly. 


The Just in Time paradigm was first introduced in the manufacturing sector. JIT inventory is a stratagem that manufacturers utilize to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process and decrease waste by receiving goods only as they are needed in the manufacturing process. This greatly helps in reducing the cost of inventory. Importantly, manufacturers must forecast their requirements accurately.

Just in Time avoids the waste of resources due to overproduction, waiting for material, and holding excess inventory. The founder of Toyota created the original concept.  Just-in-Time means that at any particular time manufacturer makes only what is needed, only when it is needed, and only in the amount that is needed. This has many advantages:

Less space needed: With a faster turnaround of stock, you do not need as much storage space to store goods. This significantly reduces the amount of storage an organization needs, freeing up resources for other parts of the business.

Waste reduction: The faster turnaround of stock prevents goods from becoming obsolete or damaged while in storage, greatly reducing waste. This again saves money by preventing investment in unnecessary stock and unwanted waste.

Smaller investments: JIT inventory management is perfect for smaller businesses that don’t have the resources for huge amounts of stocks. Ordering stock as and when it is needed helps to maintain a healthy cash flow while minimizing wastage.

We take this very concept and apply it to the pre-invoice funding process flow. The benefits of Just in Time Financing are as follows:

Risk Management

Financial risks are managed using our in-house proprietary credit assessment algorithms.

Collateral-Free Financing

The Just-In-Time program provides collateral-free financing to suppliers as and when needed.

Triggered by Billable Events

Financing is triggered based on the occurrence of ‘billable’ events that can include process milestones such as the issuance of PODs or outstanding invoices by clients.

Automated Tracking

CredAble digital platform automates the financing and tracking process for smooth functioning and reliability. 

Customizable Platform

The platform can be customized as per user needs for similar ecosystems with mismatched receivables and payable cycles. 

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