CredAble has always strived to offer a level playing ground to each employee and an environment that is free from insecurities and personal politics. This has also helped CredAble find a team that takes ownership and is value-bound to offer an out-of-the-box solution to our customers.CredAble ecosystem is employee-centric so that talented individuals with the right insight and motivation experience substantial growth in their professional journey.

Manasa Ponnapalli

“With more than 5 years of work experience, I was looking forward to a role demonstrating greater ownership & responsibility from a career progression perspective. In recent years, my previous role witnessed stunted growth and made me feel stagnated beyond a point. So regardless of the global crisis, I was actively on the lookout for a transition to accelerate my professional growth. FinTech evolution in India is an emerging trend always intrigued me. Hence when CredAble’s opportunity came along I was super-thrilled to take the plunge and be a part of this ecosystem. At CredAble, the culture of constant ideation, disruption of the ‘status quo’ on how to add value to the supply chain domain by offering innovative solutions helps enrich my learning curve & cross-functional expertise.”

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Tejas Bhatia

Being born and brought up in Mumbai, the hustle-bustle is a part of who I am. Traveling to new destinations is my way of finding tranquility in an everyday busy life. Each city brings forth new perspectives and helps me to broaden my horizons.  Besides being a hodophile, I am a sports enthusiast and follow cricket, football, and lawn tennis very closely. Sports has taught me that hard work, team spirit, resilience, and confidence are the key to survival and excellence when everyone brings forth their A-game.  CredAble has played a substantial role both in my personal and professional journey, transforming me into an individual who is innovative and always challenging the status quo.    The level of support that I have received from my seniors and colleagues, from the day I joined and especially during challenging times has only left me with life-changing experiences. My confidence is at an all-time high now. I strongly believe in the statement – “Together we must because Together we can”.

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Avinash Rana

I come from a city called Muzaffarpur in Bihar. After my schooling, I pursued my graduation in Computer science and engineering from Bhopal. The idea of creating something new always excited me. I started to read a lot about how technology is shaping the future of humankind and this got me really fascinated with what a human mind could create.

I stepped into the silicon city of India, Bengaluru to learn to code and utilized all of my potentials to learn, perform, and grow as an IT professional. In my free time, I always keep myself updated on the latest technology.
It will not be that difficult to guess my favorite genre on Netflix. I watch almost everything in science and fiction on the internet and try to learn how it impacts the globe.

@Credable, I work with the Engineering team, where I design codes for our products and truly value how technology is enabling so many large and small businesses to benefit through our products. I am always exploring to enhance the usability of technology by partnering with Business teams. CredAble has truly enabled me to learn and grow.

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Nihar Mehta

I am a thorough sports enthusiast.
I love to play & watch various sports like badminton, football, and carrom.
The competitive spirit and go-getting aspect of a team has always intrigued me. I love to travel around and meet new people.
When people share about their life journeys, it gives me a perspective to deal with my current life experiences.

At CredAble, I am always exploring new ways to enhance my productivity by connecting & co-working with cross functional teams.
Everyone here @CredAble is accessible & helpful which creates positive working environment & helps me in learning new things.
This has taken my confidence levels to new high and has contributed towards my personal & professional development.

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CA Sriram Ganeshan

“The best part about playing a team sport is, it makes you try harder, maximizes your efforts and pushes you to give it your best shot. All of this to co-create and manifest a ‘Big Win’.
You overlook all shortcomings and focus on the positives that each one of us brings to the game.
Today, I can draw an analogy to this experience of the football field to my workplace. CredAble truly harnesses the culture of peer to peer learning – from knowledge sharing sessions to casual coffee conversations with your colleagues. We are always sharing and learning.
Like every game is different, every day at CredAble is also different. Each day comes with a new challenge, a reason to learn something new and to push yourself to add value to every task. Here, I thrive to be an all-rounder and to enable someone’s else learning process, while we create solutions together.
I believe – The strength of the team is each individual member and the strength of each member is the Team.”

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Anish Shah

In today’s fast-moving world the only way to cope up is to expand your horizons by discovering and doing things that will give us more options.
I have always been a very curious person, eager to know and learn more. Over time I have understood that trying and learning new things, will not only help you to understand yourself better, but it will also help you to overcome the fear of the unknown. Being a part of a growing fintech company, CredAble has helped me explore the various areas where I can learn and contribute. From learning about new technology, exploring new industries to learning how to play table tennis and pool, it has given me a platform to expand my professional and personal horizon.

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