At CredAble we believe that workplace culture can make or break businesses

Our culture is best defined by tenets of diversity, work-life integration, openness, our people first approach and our commitment to making a difference


Our culture is influenced by our younger talent pool as much as it is shaped by our seasoned leadership team

We encourage you to be yourself and have fun

People with diverse backgrounds, interests and experience levels are encouraged to explore project opportunities which can be meaningful to their personal or professional aspirations and can also create value for the company


Work-Life Integration

We don’t promote ‘Work – Life Balance’ in the traditional sense, rather we believe in ‘Work – Life Integration

We like having a good time at work, not just outside of it

There’s no need to hide your random quirks or awkward dance moves from us. In a way, you might be taking a break from life by working here


We have a culture of providing meaningful feedback frequently across the chain

Founder’s breakfast sessions with the younger talent pool, bi-weekly review sessions with direct reports, anonymous team surveys, cross-functional teach-ins are some of the many ways in which we communicate, learn across functions, share feedback and address concerns


Focus on People and Performance

Our approach to creating value for our stakeholders begins with our people

We build people so that people can build businesses and create value for our clients

We focus on setting clearly defined goals and place emphasis on tracking performance in achieving them

Business with a Heart

We're passionate about creating value not just within the enterprise supply chain ecosystem, but also for the community at large

As a part of our CSR initiative for 2019, we partnered with the Jai Vakeel Foundation, creating an impact through our contribution, one child at a time


Our Credo

“We must because we can”