Many large enterprises & MSMEs have unlocked the power of working capital with the help of CredAble’s Early Payment Program.

Running short on time ?

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Running short on time ?
Drop your details and we will get back to you!

Unlocking Working Capital. Creating Liquidity.

Enabling growth for your vendors and suppliers with easy, collateral free, debt free working capital through a digital platform that will also empower your business profitability.

Strengthen Vendor Relationships

Maintain your own working capital while addressing the persistent follow ups of your suppliers. You can now, shorten receivables cycles, as they exert pressure on a supplier’s ability to meet financial commitments.

Multi-User Digital Platform

A new age digital platform to ease your interaction with each supplier. Enables online documentation, record keeping & decision algorithm via integration with your existing ERP systems.

Personalize Cash Discounts

Each supplier can offer a percentage discount on their invoices using the platform and you can negotiate cash discounts for early payments bilaterally with each individual supplier.

Collateral Free Lending

Traditional lending can fall short due to credit quality restrictions. Also, it may require collateral, guarantees and other fixed costs. Credable enables working capital at a discount without any hidden costs.

Debt Free Working Capital

Working capital loans burdens a business with debt. Credable empowers all your suppliers to participate in the digital platform and get access to debt free working capital. They can grow their businesses without borrowing.

Built for Ease & Scale

Credable platform is built to engage with suppliers on a large scale. For the suppliers, registration is free and uploading of invoices is simple and quick. What’s more, our relationship managers will be there for any support.

Early Payment Program Platform for Every Business.

Manufacturing, logistics, services or retail: whatever be your industry, you can empower your suppliers & vendors with collateral free working capital in just a day or two.

How CredAble’s Early Payment Program Works

Here is a step by step process flow to illustrate how Credable will make it simple and quick to manage all your suppliers and vendors with one platform.


ERP Integration

The Early Payment platform is customized and integrated with the ERP system of the enterprise client. The platform acts as a digital marketplace for each supplier of the anchor enterprise


Upload Invoices

The anchor enterprise uploads all approved invoices onto the marketplace for suppliers to be able to request early payment of their invoices


Early Payment Request

Suppliers activate their accounts to view their invoices, choose an early payment date and offer a flat percentage discount in exchange for the early working capital


Requests Approval

Enterprise client has complete control in terms of reviewing the payment requests. It can suggest an edit, or approve the early payment requests


Access to Capital

The CredAble platform has capital providers integrated into the system. When a payment request is accepted, the platform facilitates the early payment into the supplier’s account


Enterprise Payment

On the invoice due dates, the anchor enterprise makes the invoice payments, which are credited to the accounts of the relevant capital provider

What is CredAble’s Early Payment Program?

Early payment program of CredAble is a technology-enabled platform that helps enterprises to maintain a healthy cash-flow balance and liquidity for business growth. Credable has the technology expertise, trade finance knowledge to make it easy for small and large enterprises to facilitate on demand working capital for their suppliers and vendors.

It is beneficial to both sides of supply chain: Allows client enterprises to maintain their payment cycle, and suppliers can still get paid earlier. It even allows you to turn payables into income.

We are a Non-Banking Financial Corporation (NBFC) and have partnerships with 3rd party capital providers to offer quick and easy working capital.

Our blockchain enabled technology platforms facilitate funding across procurement and distribution activities within the supply chain. Suppliers turn their receivables into cash without having to borrow and enterprise clients turn their payables into income by choose to extend their payment terms with just few click on CredAble’s digital platform.


Enterprise vis-à-vis Suppliers

Let us analyse the benefits of the digital platform of CredAble for enterprises vis-à-vis suppliers and vendors

Media Coverage

CredAble as India’s leading FinTech Company has been featured by top Media houses.